ISE Performing Ensemble

2017 Illawarra & South East Performing Ensemble

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected into the Ensemble:


Name Surname School Instrument
Chloe F Albion Park High School Piano
Latai K Albion Park High School Vocals
Emma F Bomaderry High School Drums
Tahlia M Bomaderry High School Tenor Saxophone
Harrison G Bomaderry High School Trumpet
India G Bulli High School Tenor Sax
Blake D Bulli High School Vocals
Bailey C Figtree High School Alto Sax 
Jennie S Kiama High School Alto Sax
Samantha L Kiama High School Tenor Sax 
Georgia L Kiama High School Dance
Daisy P Kiama High School Vocals
Alice R Moss Vale High School Piano
Matthew J Moss Vale High School Trumpet
Jamie L Moss Vale High School Alto Sax
Joel H Moss Vale High School Vocals
Brea H Nepean High Schoool Vocals
Aden S Nowra High School Guitar
Zoe S Nowra High School Dance
Emily K Nowra High School Dance
Elle M Nowra High School Dance
Jessie I Nowra High School Dance
Jasmine D Nowra High School Vocals
Jiah P Smith's Hill High School Trombone
Alec W Smith's Hill High School Bari Sax
Tahlia L Smith's Hill High School Vocals
Cailey B Smiths Hill High School Trombone
Tala E Smiths Hill High School Trumpet
Ariel Mc Smiths Hill High School Alto Sax
Thomas R Smiths Hill High School Trumpet
Leon H Ulladulla High School Drums/Bass Guitar
Gabriel L Ulladulla High School Guitar 
Zeke C Ulladulla High School Vocals
Maya H Ulladulla High School Vocals
Emma R Vincentia High School Drums
Tathra D Vincentia High School piano
James R Vincentia High School Trombone
Brittnee  S WHSPA Dance
Teeya S WHSPA Dance
Remi M WHSPA Dance
Calissa S WHSPA Dance
Tara L WHSPA Dance
Lachlan M WHSPA Vocals
Kye M WHSPA Vocals
Mackenzie Garcia WHSPA Vocals
Cori P WHSPA Vocals
Ethan J Woonona High School Drums 
Jocelyn B Woonona High School Tenor Sax 
Caleb B Woonona High School Trumpet
Corinne G Yass High School Alto Sax
Harmony D Vincentia High School Vocals - Reserve
Samantha A WHSPA Dance - Reservve



It is imperative that the students can commit to the following dates:


Ensemble Camp - Friday 17 February, Saturday 18 February, Sunday 19 February


Term 1 Tour:  Sunday 26 March, Monday 27 March, Tuesday 28 March, Wednesday 29 March


Term 2 Tour:  Sunday 21 May, Monday 22 May, Tuesday 23 May, Wednesday 24 May


Term 3 Tour:  Sunday 23 July, Monday 24 July, Tuesday 25 July, Wednesday 26 July


Term 4 Tour:  Sunday 12 November, Monday 13 November, Tuesday 14 November, Wednesday 15 November, Thursday 16 November


If you are unable to commit to all dates, you will need to forfeit your position in the Performing Ensemble.  


Tour information and camp information, together with permission notes will be sent via email, placed here and on the closed Facebook page.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you require any further clarification. 


Any enquiries to