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Southern Stars 2017  - Congratulations! 

A message from our Executive Producer - Ian Millard


Dear All

Well, there's no going back when the combined effort of over 200 teachers produces the standard of show that eventuated in Postcards.  How can we measure the success of this year's show? If not in the ticket sales, which were the best in the show's 17 year history resulting in the first sold out show ever; then maybe in the written response to members of the Management and Production Teams; if not that then perhaps we can look at the record number of hits on our facebook page; and if not that, and just like every year, the satifaction and joy in the faces of our students.


The show was uplifting, fast moving, seamless, contemporary and lifting of the spirits.  At a time in the world when events can be depressing and weigh on our minds, Southern Stars provided a period of time, although brief, which showed what collaboration can do- something that the public system does well.


This year we employed a new production company who promised ‘bigger sound and lighting' and I think they delivered. The colour of this show was absolutely stunning, with thanks to our costume design team and of course the amazing lighting.


I returned to school today and many of my staff had attended one of the shows. Their comments were centered on the huge number of boys who particpated, especially as vocalists, the moving and poignant Welcome To Country- absolutely mesmorising and the vibrant nature of the show.


No one person is responsible for all of this and although a dangerous action, I would like to thank a few people. Firstly thankyou to you, the classroom teachers and school learning support officers, who rehearsed and accompanied the students. You truly are a credit to yourselves, your school and the public education system. Thankyou, secondly to the ‘Southern Stars retirees', all of those people who have retired and just keep comig back to help in tunnels and with props and other assorted jobs. I also wanted to thank Julee Brienen who is our media officer. Her enthusiasm is infectious, optimistic and encouraging. She has become one of Southern Stars' greatest supporters.


I also acknowledge the work of Sharon Buikstra who as I said last year, is the glue that keeps the show together.  She personalises everything she does and is truly a resource and leader that keeps the show going. It is a great privilege for me to work alongside you.


Thank you to our friends from the WEC, led by Matthew Spicer- your support, knowldege and belief in what we do is inspirational.


I thank the Management Team, led by Rae Mitchell, for their behind the scenes work ensuring we are on track. Thank you to Karen Hodge, Director, Educational Services for her guidance in our meetings.


Our Creative Director, Peter Hayward, was extraordinarily busy this year, but I know Southern Stars is one of his favourite projects. He brings leadership, humour, extraordinary creativity and the ability to do 10 things at once. I also know that Pete is extremely proud of this particular show.


And thankyou to Peter Copeland, who always comes through with the beautiful music that steers our show.  


Our Stage Management Team, our Production Team, Creative Team, Dance Team, Drama Team and Vocal and Choir Team put in countless hours months prior to the show including many weekends. I thank each and everyone of you for your commitment and enthusiasm.


Finally thankyou to the 3 000 plus students who worked with the staff from our schools to produce a show of excellence and quality.


Last year I said that we are all custodians of something that is very special, something very unique. We need to continue to nurture it, promote it, and advance it. 


Ian Millard

Southern Stars Executive Producer

Principal Nowra Public School

Applications for Schools to participate in Dance, Drama & Choir will be open early in 2018.  
Performances to be held on Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September 2018



To see the brilliance of Southern Stars click here: Southern Stars on youtube





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